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My wife Melissa and I have been in the night life business for over 30 years combined. I have been on the security end of it, always as a side or weekend job for over 20 years, . Believe me when I tell you there is not a whole lot that we haven't seen in our years. In my youth if there was a scuffle or someone was "asked to leave" it sometimes got rough but it was over and done with and 90% of the time the person that was escorted out would come back and apologize. Over the course of time I have seen a change in the culture, people not letting things go, waiting in the parking lot or coming back with reinforcements. I have a concealed carry permit for my handgun, but the last thing I wanted to do was have to use it at a part time weekend job over a bar fight... I was looking for something that was enough to give me an advantage but wasn't lethal. Back in 2010 I bought my first stun baton and had many people ask me about it...I eventually became an authorized dealer for these products and sold them here and there only to people I knew in the same business.  I have been winding down my "bar security" career as I am a now grandfather..

Although I maybe winding down my career in the bar industry My wife Melissa  closes the bar 3 nights a week. I try and stay with her as much as I can however I get up at 5am and it’s just not practical. I wanted to get her something for the same purpose. After getting her a few products many of her coworkers inquired about these products and I saw that there was an increased demand for these Non-Lethal Self Defense Products outside of the bar business.... we decided to make them available to the average citizen and launch our website... We have used many of these products and have had feedback on many of the others. This is not a corporation ..we personally run this together and if you have any questions feel free to contact us personally

Michael Doyle Michael@SBsecurityconcepts.com